Sequoyah Wellness Partnership

The goal of the Sequoyah Wellness Partnership is to promote health and exercise, improve safety for our children and other residents, and provide economic opportunities for local and area health organizations. The Partnership also aims to compliment and enhance other projects and improvements intended for the betterment of our area for our community, area residents, and visitors.

The Sequoyah Wellness Partnerships consists of area health and human services organizations.

The group also holds as one of its objectives to stay abreast of current heath news, trends, and threats to an individual's health and overall well-being. The latest health information and statistics available serve the group's interest and are readily examined and studied in an effort to provide the group with as much adequate information as possible. This information is necessary to plan and implement programs of change in the Sequoyah County area.

Finally, the Sequoyah Wellness Partnership wishes to serve as a resource to current and incoming residents for health and wellness resources in the surrounding area. The SWP works closely with the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce to ensure accurate and helpful information is available to individuals currently residing in and seeking to relocate to our area.

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