Quality Scores

The healthcare field continues to be ever-changing and evolving and today's healthcare providers face constant challenges in regard to patient satisfaction. Healthcare providers today find themselves in the age of patient perception, when cell phone usage, a smile in the hallway, or explaining the side effects of a medication can make or break a patient's perception of their care at a particular facility.

Since 2008, Sequoyah Memorial has utilized a patient satisfaction committee to examine and measure patient satisfaction scores gathered from patients who had an overnight stay at the hospital and who visited the emergency department. The committee meets routinely, examining results and setting measurable action goals to enhance patient care based on comments and statistics from patient satisfaction data. The focus areas of improvement include everything from keeping patients informed of wait times in the emergency room, side effects of new medications, or responding more quickly to a patient's call light.

The results from this data reflect Sequoyah Memorial's diligent commitment to quality patient care and the patient's overall experience at the hospital.

Sequoyah Memorial is proud to provide quality inpatient care in a local, cost-effective manner. Our core measures scores consistently show that we are dedicated to providing care at the highest level. We are proud of our quality measures, and the hard work it takes to provide this level of care for our patients. However, we can never become complacent! We can always do better! It takes continued hard work to maintain the highest level of trust from our patients. Our work family, on all levels, takes pride in making valuable contributions towards our patients' overall experience.

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