Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is an integral part of the practice of medicine. Our highly compassionate team of healthcare professionals pair with area physicians to provide preventive and rehabilitative services that maximize and promote well being as well as help patients to gain independence after illness, injury, or surgery. We provide comprehensive individualized treatment plans for each patient taking into consideration functional status, other illnesses, and personal goals. Our rehabilitation staff includes Physical Therapists devoted to assisting patients to gain strength and mobility, Occupational Therapists to improve everyday living skills, and Speech and Language Pathologists to improve communication and swallowing skills.

For more information concerning our services or to schedule an appointment for one of the above services, contact Sequoyah Memorial Rehabilitative Services at 918-774-1160. We are eager to serve our community with these services and look forward to hearing from you.


(Left to Right)
Lesli Fuson, PTA
Leo Farmer, PTA
Roger Broomfield, PT, Director of Rehabilitation
Jason Lairamore, PT, Assistant Director of Rehabilitation
Jamey Money, PTA
Laura Nelson, Office Coordinator