Hospice Tree Lighting

The holidays are always a special time for everyone. Some people look forward to happy meetings with friends and family, some look forward to the holiday shopping, children anticipate the magic and mystery, and everyone looks forward to the gifts they will receive. But for some the holidays are a time for us to look back on the loved ones we've lost, loved ones who used to be part of our holiday celebrations.

Sequoyah Memorial Hospital is dedicated to the memory of those we have all loved and lost. Each year, Sequoyah Memorial Hospice holds the Annual Hospice Christmas Tree Lighting to remember our lost loved ones. The lighting is held in the garden are of the hospital and is open to anyone who has lost a loved one, not just individuals whose loved ones were Sequoyah Memorial Hospice patients. Ornaments are provided that bear the deceased loved one's name and are given to the families at the conclusion of the lighting.

The Hospice Christmas Tree Lighting is an occasion on which families may remember those special people who have come and gone.