Health Fairs

Sequoyah Memorial is proud to offer the community local access to healthcare in a cost-effective manner. The hospital puts great emphasis on preventive health measures for our community at large. We participate in several ways to educate the public on the importance of preventive health care measures. Two of the most important events we facilitate are the annual Men's and Women's Health Fairs. The fairs were initially begun in an effort to continue serving the community. It is also important for Sequoyah Memorial to educate the public on health issues and resources available to them. The Men's Health Fair and the Women's Health Fair is held every year.

The following screenings are provided free of charge:

Blood pressure, height and weight, body mass index, and blood tests for glucose, total cholesterol, and PSA.

Blood pressure, height and weight, body mass index, and blood tests for glucose, total cholesterol, and thyroid.

The Men's and Women's Health Fairs serve any patient who attends. Many patients attend because they are uninsured, underinsured, or do not have a primary care physician to order vitally needed tests and screenings. Additionally, many patients attend because the deductibles on their insurance plans are high and the health fairs offer a chance to receive valuable tests at no charge to them. Through the health fairs, Sequoyah Memorial has created greater awareness of the importance of annual screenings and education of health issues and conditions. Associated costs, of the tests themselves and any further follow-up, can be intimidating for those who genuinely desire and need annual screenings but do not have the means to pay for the tests. By offering these services free, and in a professional manner, patients are able to, without financial intimidation or unease, have valuable screenings they might not otherwise have been able to have.

Since the inception of the Men's Health Fair in 2005, over 650 men have been served. The Women's Health Fair, since beginning in 2007, has served over 800 women. Again, a demographic and health interest shift has occurred in recent years. At the health fairs, community partners have the opportunity to set up tables and distribute information related to their services. These partners include social service agencies, gluten-free and diet educational groups, the local tobacco coalition, the local healthcare partnership (comprised of area health agencies with the goal of motivating Sequoyah County citizens to lead healthier lives), and the hospital's homecare and durable medical equipment departments. In addition, at the Women's Health Fair, local shops and stores also set up booths, and the medical imaging department distributes information on breast cancer awareness.

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