During the July 9, 2015, meeting, hospital representatives and community members discussed how these concerns can be addressed. The following lists the top concerns along with action that is planned to address the concerns.

#1. Obesity/Hypertension The Sequoyah County Health Department received a grant for screenings for Hypertension and is working with physicians and pharmacists who will, in turn, work with citizens to stay on track with medical plan and partner with the hospital to interact as needed.

#2. Diabetes The need for a Pediatric Endocrinologist was identified. Sequoyah Memorial Hospital provides an Endocrinology Clinic that serves patients ages 18 and over. The hospital is researching telemedicine capabilities for providing Pediatric Endocrinology.

#3. Customer Service and Information Training for Health Care Workers Sequoyah Memorial Hospital created and conducted “Customer Service and Information Training” with appropriate staff and “Dignity Training” for Health Care Professionals was conducted at SMH as well.

#4. Tobacco Use/Smoking/E-Cigarettes The Sequoyah County Health Department will work in coordination with SMH and other area agencies to educate and inform the community of risks of tobacco use to work toward decreased usage, especially in youths. A grant through “TSET” will be utilized for funding purposes to support these efforts.

#5. Access to Care and Prenatal Care The data provided indicated a Primary Care Physician shortage and the survey found that residents felt they had problems getting an appointment with PCP or had to travel a distance for a provider. The Hospital will research opportunities for recruitment of Primary Care Physicians or Providers that would be SoonerCare providers.Survey found that there was a need for prenatal care from pregnant women, especially in the first trimester due to a small number of SoonerCare providers.

#6. Consumption of fruits and vegetables The Sequoyah Wellness Partnership in coordination with Redbird Smith Medical Clinics in the process of created a “Community Garden” that would offer fresh produce to those in need through Catholic Charities and Redbird Smith Clinic.

#7. Mental Health/Increased diagnosis of Dementia The survey found there was a lack of resources to diagnose and treat patients with Mental Health issues and that there was a burden of patients being required to travel out of the area for treatment. It was found that referrals for Mental Health care were difficult to obtain and that there were a lack of licensed counselors in the area. The Hospital and local Mental Health Professionals, along with Law Enforcement are working together to research Telemedicine opportunities for evaluation of patients.

#8. Share of population without physical leisure time activities The City of Sallisaw has completed a Sports Complex for baseball/softball and plans to increase access to walking trails and biking trails. The City is also researching grants for “sidewalk access” to increase the “walkability” of the community.

#9. Impact of ACA on care in Sequoyah County All Health Care Professionals will work together to be aware of and research services and availability of care needed in the community. They will also work together to coordinate information about services offered.