Sequoyah Memorial's diligence in patient care allows the hospital the opportunity to be recognized for awards earned for quality service.

Champions of Health, Community Health Champion
Sequoyah Memorial Hospital was honored to be selected as the 2011 Community Health Champion for the Champions of Health award system sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Hospital Association, Oklahoma Osteopathic Association, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Oklahoma State Department of Health, and the Oklahoma State Medical Association. The award system benefits the Oklahoma Caring Foundation which has as its mission to "support programs that provide Oklahomans access to preventive health services." The Oklahoma Caring Foundation was created by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma in 1994 to offer needed health care services to Oklahomans.

Sequoyah Memorial Hospital applied for the award on the platform of the hospital's Telestroke Program. The main focus for the hospital's telemedicine program has been stroke intervention and treatment. Sequoyah Memorial is proud to be a Stroke Center, a distinction only given to health care facilities with the ability to provide patients immediate stroke intervention and treatment by connecting to a neurologist, allowing a live evaluation. Sequoyah Memorial utilizes telemedicine capabilities to connect stroke patients with Margaret Tremwel, MD, PhD of Sparks Health System. Dr. Tremwel has partnered with Sequoyah Memorial's stroke team to provide stroke patients with immediate, lifesaving treatment. "Seconds count when having a stroke, so having this technology in our community is essential to saving lives," said Debbie Knoke, SMH CEO. "We are very proud of our stroke team and the accomplishments our team has made in the field of telemedicine." The award received will be proudly displayed in the hospital and the grant funds will be used to further services for telemedicine. "The possibilities for telemedicine are endless," said Knoke. "Rural healthcare should not be underestimated. Our professionally educated staff is very dedicated and innovative. The SMH team is second to none."

Representatives from Sequoyah Memorial were honored to attend the awards gala on October 25, 2011 to receive the award. At the event, former First Lady Laura Bush served as the keynote speaker. A reception was held and Mrs. Knoke and Dr. Tremwel were in attendance and had the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Bush about the SMH Telestroke Program. "Sequoyah Memorial was honored to be among so many institutions dedicated to the health of our state," said Knoke. "It is very exciting to consider the advances we are making in patient care. We could not be more proud at this moment."

Cleverley + Associates
For the past several years, Sequoyah Memorial Hospital has been recognized as a top-ranked Community Value Provider by Cleverley + Associates (Columbus, OH). Cleverley + Associates is a leading healthcare financial consulting firm specializing in operational benchmarking and performance enhancement strategies.

Written by William O. Cleverley, Ph.D., a noted expert in healthcare finance, the State of the Hospital Industry reports selected measures of hospital financial performance and discusses the critical factors that lie behind them. The publication focuses on the US acute-care hospital industry over a three-year time period. For the ninth year, the 2012 State of the Hospital Industry reports an exclusive measure developed by Cleverley + Associates: the Community Value Index® (CVI). The CVI is a proprietary index created to offer a measure of the value that a hospital provides to its community. The book outlines the data used to calculate the CVI as well as provides a list of the Top 100 and all Five-Star (top quintile) hospitals. "The topic of hospital value is increasingly being discussed. Issues of pricing and community benefit have been well-publicized but little has been offered to measure the broad scope of value," adds James Cleverley, co-author. "In response, the Community Value Index® was created to provide an assessment of a hospital's performance in four areas: financial strength and reinvestment, cost of care, pricing, and quality. Fundamentally, the CVI suggests that a hospital provides value to the community when it is financially viable, is appropriately reinvesting back into the facility, maintains a low cost structure, has reasonable charges, and provides high quality care to patients."

About Cleverly + Associates
Cleverley + Associates is a Columbus, Ohio based healthcare data and consulting services firm specializing in custom data analyses and reporting for healthcare providers, consultants, and vendors. The company's primary focus is to provide healthcare providers with solutions and recommendations that will enhance their financial performance through better pricing decisions, improved coding, capital restructuring, cost and productivity enhancements, and/or investment management changes. For more information, call Cleverley + Associates at 888-779-5663 or visit